Somerset, Kentucky

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The Somerset, Kentucky, facility opened in 2008, and is a dynamic and fast-paced plant with more than 300 team members, all intensely focused on improving production systems and overall efficiency.  

With a highly engaged and responsive workforce, the leadership teams regularly implement over 40 changes or modifications to their processes per month—suggestions that come directly from their team members.

UGN as an organization has never lost a customer, and that same ‘customer first’ attitude extends to all production facilities. In Somerset, team members are expected to keep a close watch on each other to ensure checks and balances are being met when it comes to top notch customer service.

Those same team members are highly valued at Somerset, from the production floor on up, and they take advantage of the many opportunities for growth, skills development, and eventual career advancement. It’s a rare occurrence when leadership needs to look outside the four walls of the Somerset facility when hiring.

Somerset is not a manufacturing hub, and UGN is proud that the addition of that location has brought positive change and significant job growth to the region and surrounding communities. 

Throughout the years, the Somerset plant has received many health and safety awards, including the “Perfect Record Award” from the National Safety Council, and the Manpower Safety Partner Award.

In 2011, it also was awarded the Honda Green Factory Achievement Award for Recognition of Green Factory Activities in the area of Conservation of Natural Resources. 

The UGN Somerset facility is a 300,000 square foot (27,900 square meter) manufacturing facility, the first to produce the Ultra-Light™ acoustic carpet system. Highly automated carpet lines ensure a consistent, high-quality product.

The Somerset production facility is also responsible for producing a variety of sound treatment and interior products such as:

  • Damplex liners
  • Dash insulators
  • Die-cut insulators
  • Engine side parts
  • Fleece line production
  • Seat back and carpet underlayment
  • Ultra-Light™ and conventional type carpet systems
  • Wheelhouse liners

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1270 Highway 3057
Somerset, KY 42501
(606) 678-7800