women said, woman listening to gossipSatisfied customers are a great thing. What’s even better are satisfied customers who feel compelled to tell others about your great brand.

The challenge is finding ways to motivate those customers to go out of their way to promote your business.So says Ekaterina Walter, CMO of digital media company BRANDERATI, and a contributor to Entrepreneur.

Walter offers several valuable tips on how to convert happy customers into “raving” brand advocates.

Turn Your Receipts into Customer Feedback Questionnaires

 “Your in-store purchase receipts are a guaranteed point-of-contact with most satisfied customers,” Walter notes. Why not ask for customer feedback by printing details of your online survey at the bottom of the receipt - along with details about a prize customers might win by responding?

Don’t stop there, Walter says. “Make the survey social” by linking to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites. This way, customers can share the experience of entering your promotions with their friends and followers. (more…)

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