Online Videos as Promotional ToolsEvery major brand today seems to be creating original video as a marketing and branding tool. Should automotive aftermarket businesses use online videos to promote products and services?

The answer is: It depends.

It depends on your strengths, your level of commitment, and your marketing budget. Videos posted online rarely attract many viewers without some sort of promotion.

Basing your video marketing strategy on "going viral" is akin to basing your investment strategy on winning the lottery. Instead, use a comprehensive promotions plan and focus on multipurpose content that will be valuable to you even if it does not take off on the Web.

Basics of Creating Online Videos

Online videos do not require expensive equipment, but your video should be clear and steady. Most handheld digital camcorders are sufficient, if paired with a tripod to prevent shaking. If your video requires too much motion to shoot with a tripod, hire a videographer. (more…)

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