Avoiding Potential Pitfalls of Cohesive, Efficient Lean TeamsWhat could be undesirable about a cohesive team within a Lean company?

Believe it or not, cohesive team dynamics can turn destructive over time, especially if the highly cohesive team is an island in an organization generally characterized by loosely organized business units.

If you manage one of the most effective, cohesive Lean teams in your organization, be on the lookout for these troubles—and be prepared to implement these suggested solutions.

Lean Teams Have Excessive Commitment to Colleagues

Cohesive teams work well together. They often also play well together, forming an inseparable group whose positive relationship extends beyond the workplace. (more…)

ProblemsSolving problems is what great leaders do best.

They understand the importance of minimizing the occurrence of problems, which in turn means confronting problems head-on before they run out of options.

“A leader must never view a problem as a distraction,” says business strategist Glenn Llopis, “but rather as a strategic enabler for continuous improvement and opportunities previously unseen.”

In an article for Forbes, Llopis outlines “the four most effective ways to solve problems.”

Solving Problems: Maintain Transparent Communications

Sometimes, Llopis notes, people involved in a problem prefer not to express themselves, “fearing they may threaten their job and/or expose their own or someone else’s wrong-doing.” But to effectively solve problems, everyone involved must feel comfortable expressing their candid opinions.


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