Sound Solutions for the Automotive Industry

From initial product research and development to body treatment, underbody, floors and trim, UGN is a world-class provider of acoustical solutions to the auto industry with a focus on “just-in-time delivery,” global resources, and quality.

Each culture has its own benefits and UGN leverages the best of the Japanese, European, and American markets to provide superior noise reduction, interior trim, and thermal management products.


Will Starbucks Scrap Lean Manufacturing?

Starbucks has used lean manufacturing to expedite service for several years, which is why, when they announced its baristas would no longer work on more than two drinks at once, it made a lot of sense. This change was intended to address complaints about “average” quality espresso drinks and variable drink quality. Does Lean Manufacturing Reduce Product […]

Questions a Lean Manager Should Ask Employees

Leadership begins with asking the right questions. Your job as a Lean manager is to collect data gathered through observation, study, conversation, and more, analyze it, discover efficiencies, and then convey your vision for improvement to key persons. You cannot have an accurate picture of your business’s prospects if you do not ask the right […]

Nissan Social Media: Build it and Get Out of the Way

On the even of the Facebook IPO in 2012, GM announced they were pulling their Facebook ads . Their argument was age old the lack of return-on-investment. An article in PR Daily, boldly states they aren’t measuring ROI in their social media efforts. They are more focused on customer experience and service. It’s not news that the marketing model has […]