Sound Solutions for the Automotive Industry

From initial product research and development to body treatment, underbody, floors and trim, UGN is a world-class provider of acoustical solutions to the auto industry with a focus on “just-in-time delivery,” global resources, and quality.

Each culture has its own benefits and UGN leverages the best of the Japanese, European, and American markets to provide superior noise reduction, interior trim, and thermal management products.


How to Build a Sustainable Business

Here’s a question every business owner considers at some point in their career: “How do I build a sustainable business?” The answer isn’t simple or quick or easy, but Joe Worth, vice president of operations and partner at B2B CFO says, “the answer is the same for any small business, whether it’s looking to cash out […]

Rewards and Incentives Can Improve Poor Employee Performance

Every workplace experiences poor employee performance at one time or another. You may have a stable of high-functioning workers, but it seems there’s always one or two who constantly struggle or fail to live up to expectations. What can you do about them? Design an effective reward and incentive program to encourage employee performance, says […]

Common Mistakes a New Entrepreneur Might Make

As a new entrepreneur, you have a great idea for a business. You work hard to build a website to support the business, but you’re careful not to rush into the launch. Some tweaks here, a little adjusting there—you want everything to be perfect before announcing it to the world. According to Alison Johnston Rue, […]

Leadership Lessons: Know When to Listen to Advice

Leaders make decisions daily and know the value when they listen to others. They weigh their own opinions with advice from others. Whether it’s a big or small decision, someone will be ready with well-meaning advice. Whether or not you take it depends on a few factors. “To use advice when growing your business you must learn to […]