Sound Solutions for the Automotive Industry

From initial product research and development to body treatment, underbody, floors and trim, UGN is a world-class provider of acoustical solutions to the auto industry with a focus on “just-in-time delivery,” global resources, and quality.

Each culture has its own benefits and UGN leverages the best of the Japanese, European, and American markets to provide superior noise reduction, interior trim, and thermal management products.


Why Lean Principles are Ideal for Healthcare

It seems every day a new story showcases outstanding results from a Lean transition in a hospital or clinical setting, which has recently been implemented to empower medical professionals to perform at his or her best. For instance, a Canadian hospital cut the time it took for heart attack patients to receive angioplasty from 90 minutes […]

The Necessity of Strategy and Planning

Too often, we hear the term “quick and dirty” when discussing a new customer, a new project, or a new idea. The project needs to happen quickly in order to close the deal, meet the impossible deadline, or to move on to the next one. Too many companies find themselves in the reactive mode to […]

Three Ideas to Incentivize Team Members

Human beings, by nature, are irrational. Take, for instance, the marketing grocery stores do to get you to buy more. Buy three cans of corn for $2.95…even though each individual can is $0.99. Rationally, it makes sense to buy the one can of corn, because that’s all we need, but we feel like we’re getting […]

CEOs: Why You Should Continuously Improve

CEOs, have you ever asked yourself, “Is improvement really necessary?” You’ve become the leader, after all, and it seems only natural that you’ve achieved all you need to remain successful in your job. This attitude is misguided and self-defeating, says Joel Trammell, a contributor to Forbes. “Continuous improvement is vital to performing well as a CEO,” he […]