Inside Our Michigan Facility

The Autoneum Automotive North American headquarters is located in Novi, Michigan. Approximately 135 team members work on site including the Autoneum engineering, sales, design, accounting, purchasing, and executive staff. The 48,874 square foot facility (4,540 square meters) also houses the Autoneum acoustic testing capabilities and a material validation laboratory.

The UGN NVH System Development Team is also located in Novi and shares in the operation of the Acoustic Testing Laboratory. This group is responsible for development and validation of the acoustic performance of UGN products.

Conveniently located close to customer technical centers, UGN NVH Development begins early in the vehicle design process, working alongside UGN account managers and customer NVH engineers to understand the competitive market, benchmark acoustic package content in other vehicles, and propose solutions to meet the customer’s performance, weight, and cost targets.

The team uses simulations, material, and vehicle testing capabilities to provide customers with performance and weight information to guide the design and engineering process and validate the acoustic package performance.

The tools at their disposal include:

  • Acoustic Simulation
    • Full Vehicle Simulation (SEA)
    • Simulation of Part Level Acoustic Performance
    • Material Acoustic Simulation
    • Characterization of Material Properties and Material Acoustic Model Development via ELWIS-A and ELWIS-S
  • Component and Material Level Testing
    • Sound Absorption—Normal Incidence (ASTM E1050 Impedance Tube) and Random Incidence (ASTM C423 Large Room and Alpha Cabin)
    • Sound Transmission Loss—SAE J1400, Vehicle Component STL
    • APAMAT Insertion Loss
    • Air Flow Resistance—CARE+ and Norsonic
  • Full Vehicle Acoustic Testing Capabilities
    • On-Road Acoustic Measurements
    • Four Wheel Chassis Dynamometer
    • Acoustic Transfer Function Measurement
  • Vehicle Benchmarking
    • Vehicle Acoustic Package Database Including Performance and Characterization
    • Comparison of Competitive Vehicle Content and Performance
    • Analysis of Industry Trends in NVH Technology


Autoneum North America Inc
34705 W 12 Mile Rd Suite 100
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
(248) 848-0100
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