We do not have employees at UGN—we have Team Members. To fully understand our culture, one must embrace this distinction. Employees are workers, each of whom have a personal level of commitment. Team Members are unequivocally invested and empowered. Every Team Member exhibits our three values of Respect, Trust and Communication. These values are the foundation upon which our relationships are built internally, and with our customers and suppliers.

We also believe that the following characteristics are important to our long-term success:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Team Members are encouraged to create and build their own professional callings. As they do, they continually enhance their value to the company, but more importantly, they build their personal worth and value.
  • Drive to Continually Improve: Team Members strive to master a skill and never cease learning. They look to expand their cross-functional proficiencies and responsibilities, while they continue to acquire knowledge and perform better today than yesterday.
  • Customer Focus: Team Members look to exceed customer expectations. They internalize the mission to be the premier supplier—the absolute best in our customers’ eyes.
  • Team Members entrust their careers to UGN. To reciprocate this investment, we maintain an environment conducive to personal and professional growth.
  • UGN University assists personal and corporate investment by advancing the skill levels of all Team Members. This advancement benefits Team Members, customers, and society at large.
  • UGN encourages outside-the-box thinking as well as risk taking. UGN understands a culture that encourages profound thought creates sustained success.
  • Team Members quickly make an impression on our culture and our products, which instills a sense of ownership.

Does our culture appeal to you? Are you interested in becoming a UGN Team Member?

Find out more about life at UGN: UGN Life on LinkedIn and UGN Life on Facebook.

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