The Relay for Life is an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society, in countries around the world.

The main purpose is to raise funds to support cancer victims, fund research to cure cancer, and educate people on prevention and testing for various types of cancer.

The city of Somerset hosted a Relay that consisted of 75 teams who worked for 10 months to raise money and educate the community about cancer.

This was the seventh year UGN participated. The team raised more than $6,000 and added 10 people this year.

Team members included Becky Wyant, Lynda Ball, Chris Hicks, Jerry Wesley, Bill Welch, Annette Welch, Dredra Baise, Michelle Tarter, Brandon Duncan, Susan Campbell, and Stacy Ledford.

Pulaski County (where Somerset is located) is close to raising $140,000.

The news of the UGN Somerset team success was exciting, but the need became even more evident when, on the same day as Relay, a team member was diagnosed with colon cancer and has begun treatment.

Photos of the Relay for Life Team



Jerry Wesley and Family


Stacey Ledford and Family


Brandon Duncan (aka-BADGER) and Family