Filling the Gap of Talented Workers in ManufacturingThere is a shortage of skilled workers in manufacturing sector because training programs aren’t keeping pace with changing technology. What results is, businesses send their facilities overseas where skilled talent is not only available but more affordable.

So how do we keep our facilities here, and continue to spur growth?

Amy Kaslow, in Fortune Magazine lists a few things American manufacturers can do to secure their future and stay competitive.

Filling the Gap of Talented Workers in Manufacturing

Many American manufacturing businesses have simply been in survival mode due to the sluggish economy and lack of a talented workforce. It’s up to manufacturing to become marketers, in a sense; to raise awareness of the situation, and to campaign to get more young  students excited about a career in manufacturing, and research and development.

What do you think? Is a lack of talented workforce one of the big challenges the manufacturing sector faces?

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