How to Tell if You’re a Control FreakMost control freaks  aren't aware (or won’t admit) they are, well control freaks. They fail to see how this type of behavior alienates others, and lessens their interest in working with them.

Dr. Shelley Prevost, co-founder of Lamp Post Group, a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based venture incubator, offers eight signs of controlling behavior in an article in Inc.

She contends control freak symptoms mask the true underlying condition in control freaks,  “their own anxiety has run amuck.”

Instead of addressing our own patterns of irrational thinking, Dr. Prevost says, “We attempt to control the situation, usually by trying to control other people.”

Are You a Control Freak?

Are you wondering if you might be a control freak? See how many of the following behaviors ring a bell for you:

A control freak is convinced that changing another individual’s behavior will make them feel more fulfilled. “You make someone else responsible for how you feel,” Dr. Prevost notes.

How to Break the Cycle

To break this self-defeating cycle, you have to understand “the road to better relationships always starts with you.” How can you create a 2.0 version of yourself?

“If you work on your own improvement instead of trying to control others,” Dr. Prevost notes, “healthier relationships at work, as well as everywhere else, will then come to you as a result.”

How do you cope with your own inner control freak?

Thanks to NLP Center for the image.

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