Employee Retention: Questions to Ask Before Firing SomeoneIt’s a situation no business owner concerned about employee retention wants to face.

One of your employees has failed to perform according to your expectations and now it seems you have no choice but to fire him.

Not so fast, says Lisa Girard, a contributor to Entrepreneur. The problem may not be him, but you.

“Every time you are tempted to let someone go, use it as an opportunity to look in the mirror and learn,” Girard says. “You should ask yourself: how did this happen and how can I keep it from happening again?”

Here are questions Girard suggests asking before you pull the “termination trigger”. (more…)

employee retentionRegardless of your business, there’s no more important element for success than hiring and retaining talented, dedicated employees.

Yet, when asked about employee retention, Andrew Benett, global president of Havas Worldwide, said, “the people in our employ continue to be neglected, taking a backseat to the various other matters that occupy our workdays.”


questionsYour new employee shows up on her first day a little bit nervous (or maybe very nervous) about what lies ahead.

You—and many small business owners like you—are probably nervous as well, hoping that the time, energy, and money you invested in hiring this person will pay off.

At the end of that first day, says Eric Chester, author of Reviving Work Ethic, “there are four questions rolling around in [the new hire’s] mind that will determine whether they will be with you for the long haul” or if this is just a pit-stop on the path to their next job opportunity. (more…)

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