Five Ways to Reduce Stress and Get More DoneWe all have someone like this in our lives: The person who is constantly late, scattered, disorganized, and in general chaos.

Perhaps you are that person; maybe not. One thing is certain, ever-increasing demands in our personal and professional lives mean it never calms down.

We are constantly busy and can never get enough done. Some people are able to manage stress better than others. They remain calm; always seem in charge of all the myriad details; and get huge amounts of work done.

How do they do it?

How to Reduce Stress and Get More Done

It would be impossible to include an exhaustive list of ideas, but here are five ways to maintain order and calm in your life.

Living in constant stress is exhausting, isn’t it? It’s bad for your health as well as your productivity. By introducing new habits, we can slowly start to get more things done, and most importantly, spend more time doing what we love in both work and personal lives.

What are some things you do to bring the heart rate down on a daily basis?

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