How to Bring Change to Your Company the Right WayToo many organizational change initiatives are “self-sabotaged” when leaders suddenly introduce a new program, while forgetting that others haven’t been part of the process and do not understand the reasons for change.

Why, then, are leaders surprised by how much resistance new change generates?

In an article for Fast Company, Ken Blanchard and Scott Blanchard outline six “predictable and sequential concerns people have when they are asked to change.”

They suggest that by addressing these concerns, “leaders can improve the odds of success for their next change initiative.”

Do Not Say the Change is Good

“People do not want to be told the change is good until they understand it.”

Instead, share information “as completely as possible,” thus avoiding the confusion and rumors that becomes rife “in the absence of clear, factual communication."

Be prepared to answer these questions when you are leading the way through a change: What is the change? Why is it needed? What is wrong with the way things are now? (more…)

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