Management by Walking Around Management by walking around is one of the first concepts introduced to students of management, and for good reason: A manager who resides exclusively behind a desk only speaks to nervous, scripted direct reports who have been called to his office.

A manager conducting informal check-ins learns more, builds trust, and discovers new business opportunities more quickly.

But is management by walking around compatible with Lean? How can a manager determine whether or not "walking around" is the best use of his time? What can be done to make this management style as efficient as possible?

Let us delve deeper into the intersections between Lean management and management by walking around, a component of strategic management.

Start with the Requisite Knowledge

Management by walking around only works if you are perceived as a colleague, not an interference. Do not begin an informal check-in program until you are sure you know what your employees are doing, when they're  scheduled to do it, why it's important, and  how to do it. (more…)

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