Effect of Social Media Presence on Net Promoter ScoresWhat effect does social media presence have on Net Promoter Scores?

Some of the companies who have the highest Net Promoter Scores in the United States include USAA, Discover, Apple, and Amazon.

The social media strategies present on this list run the gamut from highly organized and award-winning to widely mocked to nonexistent.

Does this mean social media does not affect Net Promoter Scores?

Role of Corporate Social Media: To Whom Are You Speaking?

To positively and directly affect Net Promoter Scores, corporate social media need to involve communications with customers who would not otherwise become Promoters, but who do become so following a social media experience.

These customers could include Detractors willing to be convinced, former Promoters who have had bad experiences, or Neutrals primed to be impressed by a great experience.

A glance at the social media profiles of major brands reveals numerous interactions that could fit into this framework. Detractors who tweet their complaints at an airline or insurance company may simply be looking for a resolution to an immediate concern, but they are also expressing willingness to be publicly, pleasantly surprised by a company's response.

Conversations with this type of unhappy customer are found on most highly active corporate Twitter streams.

Customer-Generated Social Media Experiences

What happens when a company does not excel in social media, but has already reached a critical mass of Promoters, who discuss the company positively whether or not it is present in the conversation?

Costco does not maintain corporate social media profiles, but a Twitter search for "Costco" reveals plenty of discussion, much of it positive. Customers mention the bulk stores' generous sampling practices and claim Costco sells "everything."

When personal customer experiences are constructed to create Promoters, these Promoters naturally discuss the brand online.

Even without corporate involvement in social media, conversations can affect Net Promoter Scores by influencing others to respond positively to a brand.

Costco is particularly fortunate in this regard; all its shoppers have invested in a membership, meaning conversations are dominated by people who feel that the privilege of shopping there has cash value.

Net Promoter Scores and Social Media

Net Promoter Scores do not support corporate social media interactions as mandatory in order for companies to achieve a high score.

However, positive conversations about a company in social media spaces are highly beneficial, in that existing Promoters have the opportunity to encourage others to become Promoters. If influencers in a social community are Promoters of a particular brand, acting as a Detractor becomes a social faux pas.

Ultimately, social media is not a silver bullet for Net Promoter Score enhancement. Neither is any other single strategy.

Creating great customer experiences requires a multifaceted approach; incorporating social media cannot hurt, but focus first on ensuring your customer service is top-notch.

How do you use social media to enhance your Net Promoter Scores?


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