Fill Your “Thought Desert” with Fresh IdeasDoes this sound familiar? One minute your mind is overflowing with great ideas to grow your business, and the next, it feels like your mind is a vast and empty “thought desert.”

It is a worst-case scenario for entrepreneurs and business owners, who depend on new ideas to fuel much-needed innovation.

So says Victor Hwang, CEO and co-founder of T2 Venture Capital. He says the key is unlocking what he calls our “Rainforest—an ecosystem of innovation where new concepts can grow and businesses can thrive.”

Build Your Rainforest and Unleash Fresh Ideas

In an Entrepreneur article, he offers seven steps to be rid of the thought desert and unleash fresh ideas as often as you need them.

Be Authentic

For Hwang, there is little more frustrating “than being on a team where the leader is insecure and lowers everyone else’s performance.”

Entrepreneurs and business owners are prey to self-doubts like everyone else, “but transmitting your worst insecurities to your team makes others stop talking to you or trusting you.”

What can you do to get yourself together? “Take leadership training. Meditate. Ask friends how you can do better.”

The goal is about being authentic to yourself. (more…)

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