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One year ago, Jessica Wolfe was a single mom with a degree in early childhood education hoping to re-enter the workforce. She filled out an application at a manufacturing company in Monroe.

"I applied and they called and gave me a job. And I said, 'Okay I'll try it.' Never worked in manufacturing before in my life," she said.

The self-described quick-learner did well enough to earn a promotion within a few months.

"(I) was a team lead probably for about four or five months, and then a coordinator job came open," Wolfe said.

Now, she is a coordinator and supervises a group of workers on her shift. Wolfe works at UGN, Inc. The Tinley Park, Illinois-based manufacturer of acoustic interior carpet and thermal products for a number of Japanese automakers with North American manufacturing plants. The Monroe facility opened in 2015 and has already expanded.

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