Read Business Books More Quickly with ReadItForMeYou're a business leader so you know how difficult it is to stay on top of all of the great business books that are published every year.

If you're like me, reading typically takes a backseat to travel, coaching, mentoring, and spending time with the family.

But you also don't want to miss out on what some of today's best authors are publishing.

Enter ReadItForMe.

Fellow Vistage member Steve Cunningham created this site a few years ago in order to help busy executives stay on top of all of the really good business books out there.

Discover ReadItForMe

The site takes you through a process:

  1. About the book
  2. Learn from the book, which includes a video or a PDF, which you can chose based on how you learn
  3. Experience the book, which includes a workbook of things you will learn from the book
  4. Memorize the parts of the book you’ll use in your jobs…in just 15 minutes
  5. Act on what you’ve learned

You still spend some significant time (I say an hour or two, but they say it can be done in 10 minutes) with each book, but it’s like super-amped Cliff’s Notes for busy people. You can watch videos, download summaries, or listen to condensed audio versions while you commute to and from work.

And the books aren’t shabby, either. They’re books such as Steve JobsMoneyball, Brains On FireCrush It, and Engage.

There are several pricing plans for the site, from free and up. The free membership gives you only a summary of the book, but for $30 you can have everything described above. They even have programs created for your team to use, if you're so inclined.

That said, Steve has graciously offered to let you try it for free.

If you click here and enter your email address, is yours.

I hope you find it valuable and useful.