Three Ways Leaders Can Boost CreativityCreativity eludes many of us precisely when we need it the most, but as a leader, your job is to be one step ahead and always ready with the next big idea. Creativity is about finding new ways to solve problems and approach situations. It’s not a skill restricted to artists or musicians. It’s a valuable skill for leaders to have, as well.

Bruce Nussbaum wrote an article for Fast Company about how to amplify your creativity.

He says, “Creativity is learned behavior that gets better with training--like sports.”

He offers a few ways leaders can boost their creativity.

Stimulate to Create

Learn a new fact, develop a new hobby, and shake things up a bit. Surround yourself with people you find creative or those who your bring creativity out. Take advantage of your “downtime” and use it for activities you normally wouldn’t have time to enjoy.

Consider alternatives to obvious choices. For instance, companies such as Rent the Runway allow customers to rent high fashion goods and it started as alternative to the assumption we have our own wardrobes.

Make a Creativity Journal

Nussbaum suggests you take a few days - a week or a month - and write down what you do, where you go, and with whom you spend your time. Then map out where and with whom you get your best ideas.

“A creativity map can reveal your process of creativity,” Nussbaum says. Or, it can show the “banality” of your life and why you should change.

Take One Step at a Time

Think about how you get things done and reflect on ways your team works together. This will help you be clear about direction. Find the resources you need to take your idea and make it a reality. Don’t gloss over or skip essential steps that would make an innovative idea a reality. Step back; notice where you are in the process and where you need to go next. Be deliberate.

Creativity is learned behavior that gets better with training and experience. It’s about more than just coming up with a great idea. It’s a process with many components and players that make your idea a reality.

Pay attention to the right issues, develop solutions thoughtfully, and implement them. This will help you turn that creative spark into a true breakthrough innovation.

What helps you boost your creativity?

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