Time Management When You’re OverwhelmedLeaders have many responsibilities that keep their schedules packed, and oftentimes overflowing. As business leaders tackle multiple roles from managing a team of employees, to looking for new marketing opportunities, and securing new business, effective time management becomes harder and harder to achieve.

We can begin to feel overwhelmed. Time is a precious commodity, and effective leaders put their time management skills into play to ensure they maximize their time and accomplish their goals.


Time Management Tips When You'Re Overwhelmed

Jen Groover, contributor to Entrepreneur, offered simple time management tips when you’re overwhelmed.

  • Categorize and prioritize your tasks daily. Groover says she always finds it easier to do this before she starts her day.
  • Create a to-do list and break them into segments. Groover puts “places to go, errands, meetings” in one segment, “phone calls, emails, texts” in another. She also puts tasks she’s most likely to procrastinate at the top.
  • Take one task at a time and get it done before moving on to the next. Groover says doing this is a great way to feel small accomplishments throughout the day.
  • Look for someone you can partner with who has a certain level of expertise to do the things you aren’t necessarily the best at says Groover. “When you’re focused at what you’re good at, you’re better able to grow your business more quickly and stay creative and in the zone,” she says.

You aren’t taught time management skills in school, but time is a valuable asset. In today’s workplace, you can differentiate yourself by your ability to manage your time. If you feel overwhelmed, try these tips to stay on track and get your work done.

How do you manage your time to be more efficient and achieve your goals?