Eight Habits of Highly Successful PeopleSuccess can be measured in many ways. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily translate to another.

Still, it’s worth checking out the habits of highly successful people to see what may be worth emulating in our own lives.

Miles Kohrman, a contributor to Fast Company, outlines numerous “easy-to-steal habits of highly successful people.”

Take a look at what he’s come up with below.

How many of these habits are already part of your personal and professional repertoire? How many are worth cultivating in your life?

#1  Wake Up Really Early

What if, instead of staying awake till all hours, you decided to get a “reasonable” amount of sleep and woke up earlier than usual?

“Waking up before anybody else allows you to work out the logistics of the day to come, track your time, and (most importantly) unplug for a few hours,” Kohrman says.

#2  Keep Your Promises

Big or small, the promises you make matter both to your colleagues and your customers. Success grows out of “mutually trusting relationships” both on the job and in your personal life.

“If you say you’re going to walk the office dog? Well, you’d best walk the office dog.”

#3  Tell a Good Story

People (customers, employees, loved ones) love a good story. Many leaders hone their storytelling skills, in order to more effectively influence their followers.

“The best—and most memorable—way to make an impact and stick in people’s minds is to ditch the small talk, and learn how to unspool meaningful narratives.”

#4  Don’t Dictate-LEAD

“There’s a big difference between being a leader and being a boss.”

Think about it.

#5  Embrace Your Failures

We learn from our mistakes, so there’s no reason to be afraid or embarrassed by failure. Instead, embrace failures.

“It’s also okay to quit something your heart isn’t into, in order to get somewhere better.”

#6  Ask Plenty of Questions

We learn by asking questions and, even more critically, questioning our assumptions. Don’t hesitate to ask fundamental questions about the direction of your business, and whether there might be a better way to get things done.

#7  Take a Break

Highly successful people aren’t productive all the time. They leave work on time. They take breaks now and then to recharge their batteries.

As Kohrman notes, “the effects of removing yourself for a few days, hours, or even weeks, can do wonders for your sanity and enable you to refocus your aspirations.”

#8 Get Beneath the Surface by Taking Notes

“Note-taking is an important key to keeping your mind organized, and understanding better what it is you’re after.”

Take notes about what others tell you. Take notes about what you’re thinking. See what you can discover through the process.

You don’t have to jump in and immediately adopt all of these habits. Try some on for size and see how well they fit into your life. They may end up helping you reach some of your previously unattainable goals.

What habits do you see from high successful people?